Easy Sustainable Switches for Families

Easy Sustainable Switches for Families

There are so many reasons to switch to sustainable, it’s no wonder it’s become a trend. Want to be more earth friendly? Want to save money? Want to have more control over what your family is exposed to? No matter your reason, the answer is all the same: Switch to Sustainable.

Below are 4 easy items to switch, and why I chose them for my family…

Reusable straws

There are several options when it comes to reusable straws, and each has its pros and cons. For my kids, I prefer silicone straws. They are bendable so it prevents the kids from hurting the roofs of their mouths if they go in for a swig with too much gusto. For my iced coffees, I prefer stainless steel ones since they are stiffer and give more resistance when stirring. Another reason these two types are my go-to’s is I can run them both through the sanitize cycle of my dishwasher and they won’t melt (yippee!). I wanted to try and cut down on some of the family’s trash and this was an easy thing to switch out for that.


This switch was made mostly because I wanted our family to produce less waste, but DIYers could make their own if you are looking to save money! Unexpected bonus I discovered: If you are an allergy sufferer, you are probably acquainted with the Rudolph effect that disposable facials tissues cause. I know I had to deal with it every time something was in bloom or I caught a cold. That is, until I switched to the bamboo velour hankies I now use. Since I have switched, no pollen or virus has been able to bring that shiny red shame back!

Reusable Water Bottle

This wasn’t a “switch” for us as I grew up using a reusable water bottle and when I started my own family everyone graduated to their own reusable bottles after sippy cups. We use them for several reasons including, saving money, making less waste, and added features single-use bottles don’t have (such as insulation, fun colors, and infusing filters). We’ve gotten 2 years of use out of the kids current bottles, and since I shopped during back to school sales, we’ve saved around $500 in that time – this includes the cost of refrigerator replacement filters.

Reusable Feminine Care

I made this switch because I got tired of the bad reactions I always had with disposable pads, and I was tired of them sticking to me instead of my underwear. Pads always made me feel gross, and tampons weren’t much better, especially at the end of a cycle when they’d often have to be removed still “dry”. I started off with my own DIYed set of pads with flannel and fleece I bought at my local Walmart and have never gone back to disposable products. In fact, I delved deeper and added a menstrual cup to the mix for days when I would have traditionally used a tampon. And there are even more options out there, which I talked about in my other blog post here. While everyone will have different experiences when switching to reusable items, my personal experience was: no more rashes, my cramps decreased intensity (and duration), and my period got a day shorter.

BONUS: Cloth Diapers

This is the switch that started it all for my family. My babies all had/have sensitive skin when it comes to disposables diapers, and the all-natural, eco-friendly disposable brands were out of my budget. Enter my adventure down the rabbit-hole of modern cloth diapers! There are economic options for families who cannot afford diapers otherwise, options as intuitive as disposables, and everything in between. And just like several of the other items on this list, these are DIY-able too for even more savings and control of what you are using for your family!

I hope this post helps inspire you to to find some easy sustainable switches in your own home, and maybe keep a little more money in your pocket at the same time.