Trolls Family Theme Day

Trolls Family Theme Day

Our family loves theme days. Usually we just dress as characters from a movie we plan to watch, but recently we decided to have a Trolls World Tour family day!  

Naturally, we kept up our tradition of dressing up for our theme day. Everyone picked a character and put together an outfit for the day inspired by that character (costumes are also 100% encouraged). It is a great creative outlet for the children’s self-expression! I let the kids be as subtle or troll-tastically theatric as they want with this part. This time around, everyone went all out with clothes, hair and make-up inspired by a troll; My inspiration was Branch! 

Also, since trolls love to belt out their favorite songs, we made some craft microphones! We balled up old pieces of newspaper and wrapped them in tissue paper and then used a small hair elastic to attach the ball of papers to a toilet paper roll that we then covered with construction paper and decorated with crayons/colored pencils.  

An, because we love crafts in our home, each child also decorated an upcycled Chick-Fil-A drink caddy to create their own personal snack boxes for when we watched our feature film – Trolls World Tour. I put a bag of chips, a juice box, some M&Ms and napkins into each box and passed them out at the beginning of the movie.   

After our lunch break, we played several rounds of Freeze dance. Once we had gotten all the wiggles out with our dancing, Mr. 4.0 went down for nap, and the older 3 children and I settled onto the couch for our movie 

After our movie (and naptime) the kids decided to play a few more rounds of freeze dance while I went to set up our next troll-tastic treat – an Ice Cream Sundae bar! I used food coloring to turn our vanilla ice cream pink and put out a selection of toppings and treats for the kids to make their own dessert: Rainbow sprinkles, chocolate chips, colored marshmallows, caramel sauce and fudge topping! 

With everyone self-isolating these days, the kids and I had really been missing the fun of a theme party, and this Trolls Day was just what we had needed to beat the boredom! The only thing that would make it even better would have been sharing it with all of our friends, but until then, we are soaking up the quality family time together.

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